Undermining our nation

2 July 2006 at 6:31 pm 1 comment

Kentucky Governor Ernie Fletcher feels that intelligent design is a “self-evident truth,” and not teaching it alongside—or opposing to—evolution would “undermine the foundation of our nation.”

Rhyming aside, this assertion isn’t very pleasing to the ears.

Fletcher’s not the only politician in Kentucky that supports ID, this year he has appointed three new members to the Board of Education—all of whom are open to public-school students learning alternatives to evolution. The more support the better for Fletcher, and soon the Kentucky law KRS 158.177 will have more impact than it does now. Though this statute doesn’t specifically require teachers to teach the world-according-to-the-Bible, it gives them the option to do so in a science class. Also, any student that believes in God’s Genesis can legally answer questions on a test using Biblical brew-haha.

“Describe the process by which Old World monkeys regained a third class of cone, giving them trichromatic vision.”

Fletcher is no dope, it seems. His January state of the commonwealth address, in which he endorsed the teaching of intelligent design, will be sure to help him keep his conservative voters by his side. Starting with a salute to Kentucky veterans which opened into a statement about America’s grand freedom, Fletcher was then able to make us tear up while hearing about all the dead men that have fought for our liberty, feel warm inside knowing that our Kentucky government is “committed to supporting [them],” and then realize that Fletcher had an ulterior motive—pushing intelligent design.

His segue from freedom and liberty to intelligent design and creationism is laughable at best.

But I can almost bet that it struck a heartfelt chord in many of the conservative Christian Kentuckians that live all around me.


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  • 1. Joe  |  4 July 2006 at 12:39 pm

    Unfortunately I have to agree.

    His rescinding Patton’s executive order outlawing discrimination against people because of sexual preference shows that he’s just trying to cozy up the religious right in an attempt to secure reelection. Hopefully it doesn’t work.

    I’ll have to read more of this when I get back, lol.


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